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The Small Mug & The Big Mug have entered the chat. Which team are you on?

A medium sized ceramic mug with handle in a graphite black color featuring iron speckles and unglazed rim and bottom base.
A medium sized ceramic mug filled with coffee with handle in a graphite black color featuring iron speckles and unglazed rim and bottom base.

in Black Mountain

A big sized ceramic mug with handle in a warm, tan-toned, off-white glaze featuring iron speckles and unglazed rim and bottom base.

in Panna Cotta

A Mug For All

We really do think—and thousands agree!—that East Fork’s Mug is as close to perfect as an object can be. It looks good, it feels good in your hands and on your lips, and it’s made with care and integrity. But some of y’all just want it to be a little bit bigger! And others of y’all a little bit smaller!

After a year of tinkering and testing, we’ve heard your pleas and we're ready to launch two new mugs, The Big Mug and The Small Mug, so you can find the one that’s just right for you.

A small sized ceramic mug with handle in a cool white glaze featuring iron speckles and unglazed rim and bottom base.

in Eggshell

Languid Sunday mornings and hot weekday sips.

It all began last fall when Alex dropped off a short and big mug on my desk. The short mug was a standard mug Alex had chopped the top off of. The big mug was just the opposite, a standard mug with a chopped off piece of another mug stuck on top.

— James Snyder, EF Engineer

Find your perfect size.

The Big Mug in Secret Beach

in Secret Beach

hands holding the small mug, the mug and the big mug around a stuck of different sized mugs
How The Mugs Stack Up
The Small Mug

Dimensions: 3.25” x 3.1”
Weight: 12 oz
Holds: 8 oz to the brim

The Small Mug in Eggshell
The Mug

Dimensions: 4.25" x 3.1"
Weight: 16 oz
Holds: 12 oz to the brim

The Mug in Eggshell
The Big Mug

Dimensions: 4.5“ x 3.6”
Weight: 1 lb 5 oz
Holds: 16 oz to the brim

The Big Mug in Eggshell

This is a gorgeous, beautifully-crafted, substantial piece.

— Kelley D.

A Note from our Engineer:

"The Big & Small Mugs are the culmination of many months of design iteration. Many 3D printed models, printed forms, and ceramic mockups were made to get them just right, and I'm thrilled with how they've turned out!" - James Snyder, EF Engineer

3D Rendering of Small Mug
CAD Rendering of Small Mug
3D Rendering of Big Mug
CAD Rendering of Big Mug
Woman with short gray hair holds The Mug and smiles


The Mug has evolved through many iterations but it holds a special place in our hearts at East Fork. The Mug process is a labor of love, the result is a vessel that you want to reach for every morning and carry around with you all day. After years of mug love, the collection is growing with as much thought and care as the almost 9-year process of designing our ideal mug.

Bigger mug = bigger latte.

— Patrice Audette

The Big Mug

It has volume and heft. It’s grounding to hold. It has presence. It’s powerful! We made it because we’ve been hearing for years that a lot of folks love The Mug but could really use a few extra ounces of coffee or tea or yerba mate in the morning. We hope it brings you a sense of comfort, steadiness, and stability every time you hold it.

Lui holds the 16 oz Big Mug in Eggshell, on top of her head.

Team Small Mug forever. I don't finish coffee in one sitting. Ever.

— Eli Nelms

Marcuz holds the 8 oz Small Mug in Eggshell up to his cheek

The Small Mug

The Small Mug is a shortie version of the original and—gonna say it—the personal favorite of the majority of Team East Fork. We like to sip slowly and we don’t like cold coffee! It’s just an excellent size for keeping things warm without having to pound it down. Alongside The Mug and The Big Mug, The Small Mug rounds out the mug family so everyone who passes through your kitchen has one that’s just right.

East Fork employees merrily gather on in a photography studio to show off new mugs: The Big Mug and The Small Mug.
Three hands peep into view with their palms stretched wide and three East Fork mugs in their hands. From top to bottom: The Big Mug, The Small Mug, the Original Mug.
East Fork employees pose with the pottery company's new mugs
Bella, the small dog, poses with The Small Mug.

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