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A Transparent Overview of Finances at East Fork

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East Fork exists to make pottery, yes, but also to offer thoughtful, engaging work set on a foundation of good wages and benefits that allow our employees—who now number more than 100—to build stable, optimistic lives for themselves and their families. We measure our success by the degree to which we can create a workplace that’s compassionate, complete with work that is satisfying, challenging, and ever-changing. On the floors of our factory and retail stores and in our offices, you will find people who started doing one thing, moved on to several other things over time, got promotions, learned new skills—technical, managerial, both—and stay engaged by what they do.

We want to tell you these stories but we want to do it fully. And that means talking about the money that’s behind, well, all of it. When we talk about hiring more employees, tell you about people living happy, fulfilling lives, people being happy at work and in our communities, not for the day or the week but for the foreseeable future because they have found avenues for support, growth and stability of all kinds, at the heart of it all is money: what we bring in from sales from our pottery and other items, what we spend on our operations, salaries, and wages, and what is passed on to nonprofits and grassroots organizations in the form of funds raised through raffles and other contests, auctions and premium pricing in which the donations are built right into goods we sell.

Each quarter, on this page, we’ll update you on the money that came in and went out of the business. Now, we know money talk makes lots of people feel squeamish. We get that—we’ve been conditioned in our society to keep all that hush hush, like it’s unseemly to share your economic realities or to care about someone else’s. Let’s reframe that and, as our CFO and co-founder John Vigeland put it in a talk he gave a few years ago, let’s find a deeper and more complicated understanding of the reality in which we find ourselves. Let’s delve into the details and see what story the numbers tell.

Our Expenses

"Simply put, our expenses are the costs our company incurs to generate revenue. And there are a lot! Think payroll, capital expenses (machines, building improvements, cameras), rent, materials, insurance, consultants, software, discount budget, and more."

– John Vigeland, CFO

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