A kraft box that says "East Fork on its side with 3 ceramic bowls in white, blue, and black. All laying in geami paper packaging.

Piglet & Butter

Two new colors for a new seasonal moment. A light-hearted, soft, pastel pink and a cool, sun-soaked, laid-back yellow.

An up close stack of plates, a large blue plate on the bottom, then a white plate in the middle and a light brown plate on top. The plate stack has a napkin and pear sitting on top of it.


"I love the substantial weight and smooth surface of the mug in my hands. I use them everyday and choose my color based on my mood. The Mug is definitely the East Fork gateway form...IYKYK." - Andrea Z.

Welcome to breezier times and joyful meanderings

Our values drive our decisions:
Accountability, Compassion, Equity, Sincerity, Adaptive Tenacity.

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About East Fork

Founded by potters, East Fork is a values-forward, B Corp certified manufacturer of ceramic dinnerware, making a beloved and collectible assortment of pottery in Asheville, North Carolina with clays from the American Southeast.

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