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To Have & To Hold

Welcome to East Fork. We make durable, dishwasher and microwave-safe pottery with regional materials in Asheville, North Carolina, always lead-free and made with integrity. Please take a moment to...

The Palette
Our pots come in a thoughtful palette of 4 year-round colors and a rotating cast of punchy seasonals. How you build your set is up to you—mix and match or go monochrome. Go tonal or high contrast. Our latest seasonal glaze, Utah, is available and ready to ship. Our newest glaze, Fiddlehead, will launch April 7.


"The East Fork Pottery Mug is literal perfection. Coffee is the base of my food pyramid, so trust me on this one." - @andrea_elyse

From kitchen prep to mealtime

Our values drive our decisions:
Accountability, Compassion, Equity, Sincerity, Adaptive Tenacity.

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Bound by Common Purpose

We are among 4,500+ mission-driven companies here in the United States and around the world that have made a lasting commitment to making decisions that lead to positive outcomes for our employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment.

The Founding Team

An unlikely crew coalesced in Madison County, North Carolina with no need to fill a hole in a market, but a whole lot of big, bleeding heart ideas.

Connie Matisse, Alex Matisse, John Vigeland stand in the factor in Asheville, North Carolina
East Fork in the News
“Emotionalism aside, there are often other reasons a mug becomes favored: a nice grip, a good size, or just regular ol’ aesthetics. But what if there was a platonic ideal of a mug that brought all those things together? The folks at East Fork have, after many, many iterations, perhaps done just that — and legions of happy customers agree.”
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“East Fork's streamlined products are particularly appealing. House-made glazes in muted earth and jewel tones often reveal speckles of iron from the North Carolina clay. Hand-thrown and jigger-pressed bowls and plates, with fluid forms and low profiles, have a satisfying heft but aren't clunky.”
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“Building a pottery brand with lofty ambitions from scratch sounds like a tricky task. But East Fork is doing just that - and hoping to help revitalize the once-powerful US tableware industry while they’re at it.”
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