A person carries a basket full of wild, foraged mushrooms through a forest

Talk and Taste with Alan Muskat


Alan Muskat, wild foods expert and founder of No Taste Like Home, presents “How Foraging Can Save The World,” a special talk-and-taste event at East Fork Asheville.



Foraging means much more than gathering wild food. It means going back to hunter-gatherer culture. Hunter-gatherer culture can save the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that can. What replaced hunter-gatherer culture is civilization. Understanding the difference between civilization and hunter-gatherer culture starts with one question: do we have to grow food or does food grow itself?

Join us for an intimate talk on “How Foraging Can Save The World” with local wild foods expert and philosaforager, Alan Muskat. Read the full description here.

Doors open at 7pm and talk begins around 7:15pm, followed by a Q&A, a casual tasting and wine pairing of three foraged small bites, with time to shop, talk and mingle into the evening.


  • June 16th, 7-9pm at East Fork Asheville
  • Three different small bites of locally foraged foods
  • Selected wine pairings from Crocodile Wine
  • An engaging talk from wild foods expert Alan Muskat on food scarcity and the abundance that comes with foraging
  • We are offering tickets at 3 “Pay What You Can” levels: $0, $10 and $20.

About Alan Muskat: Alan Muskat is the founder of No Taste Like Home, the largest foraging tour company in the world. Based in Asheville, he has appeared in a variety of major media and is the author of Coming Home: Finding Our True Nature and Leela: Finding More than Mushrooms. When it comes to bringing out the fun in fungi, he’s the champignon.

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