Black Garlic Shoyu

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This gourmet shoyu is smooth, complex and delicious



Caramelizing garlic by heating it slowly in the bulb yields a sweetness that hints at balsamic vinegar or tamarind, a note that makes this shoyu singular. Sashimi loves it, grilled salmon adores it and seitan calls it a close friend. A perfect finishing sauce, it makes us love a simple bowl of rice even more.


  • A sweet, salty and umami soy sauce from Japan’s Kyoto Prefecture
  • Imbue your dishes with an aroma of earthy must and fermented soy beans with notes of fig, raisin, molasses and a subdued hint of garlic.
  • Ingredients: water, soybeans, salt, wheat, black garlic, alcohol
  • Refrigerate after opening.
  • 16.9 oz. bottle

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