Foraging Basket


Foraging is Step One. Holding on to what you find in the woods is Step Two.



You could use an old yogurt container, a bucket or some sort of sack, but a wicker basket with a shoulder strap keeps you from having to hold on to it while you’re picking wild plants and fungi. This wicker basket! Take care of it and you’ll have it for years of foraging, a future antique in the making.


  • A wearable basket that’s long on charm and keeps your hands free while you pick more berries, mushrooms, stems and roots.
  • For mushroom hunters, this basket will help spread spores as you collect foraged goods.
  • Gives dry goods store vibes in a very charming way
  • Wicker with adjustable leather straps and brass hardware
  • Dimensions: 11” x 10” X 5.5
  • Care: Wipe clean and be sure to allow to dry completely before storing

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