Glass jar of fennel seeds with white circle label and blue and silver lid

Fragrant Fennel Seeds


Sweet. Savory. Here's a fennel that can go both ways.



A little goes a long way with this fragrant fennel! A variety of fennel born in the Mediterranean, these fennel seeds have a licorice-sweet, aromatic taste. We recommend halving the recommended amount in a recipe – yes, it’s that strong! It’s also quite versatile.

Explore using this fennel in both savory and sweet applications and watch its flavor sing! Try mixing it with other herbs in a mortar and pestle for a tasty meat or veggie herb mix, add to sizzling olive oil to make a flavor-packed dressing, or fold it into shortbread cookies. You can even brew the seeds for a sweet-tasting tea that is known for its digestive and tummy soothing benefits.


  • A strong, aromatic version of what you can find “at home”
  • Grown by a third-generation farmer in Evia, Greece
  • Product of Daphins & Chloe
  • Dimensions: 55g

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