Glass jar that reads "Single Origin Guntur Sannam Chilli"

Guntur Sannam Chillies


Win that chili cookoff at last or make a big pot you've love to the very last bite.



Heirloom, single origin Sannam Chilli, "grown in accordance to the principles of zero budget natural farming (ZBNF) on the Narne family farm in the historic chili growing region of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, Brothers Hanumantharao and Satyanarayana Rao are climate change activists and likely the only pesticide-free chili farmers in the region."


  • Single origin Guntur Sannam Chilli ground with cold-pressed sesame oil and sea salt
  • Spicier than paprika milder than cayenne, this chilli powder is full of flavor—with hints of smoke, tomato, fruit, and a little heat.
  • 2.29 oz. jar

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