Hot Red Pepper Flakes


Hot take: These are not your average hot red pepper flakes.



Not all spices are created equal, and a side-by-side comparison of these Italian hot red pepper flakes with whatever you bought at your local supermarket will easily prove that point. These hot little flakes are zestier, brighter, spicer, and at least three times more likely to make you start talking with your hands at the dinner table.

They’re made by Aldo Armato, whose family has been in Italy’s olive business for several generations. The family runs their farm on the Ligurian coast, specializing in olives and olive oil, but also varieties of peppers and herbs.

Bring on the zest! Try on pizza, avocado toast, pasta, you name it.


  • Dried flakes from family-farm grown hot red peppers
  • Grown in Alassio, Italy
  • 34g

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