Olio di Olivia


A strong contender for house olive oil—the one you buy again and again.



In northern Italy’s Liguria region, the hills above the seaside town of Alassio are home to the Armato family, who grow Taggiasche olives in groves that have been in the family for generations. The land and the salty air of the Mediterranean make for exceptional olives, which are harvested every November, using just rakes, nets and hands. The first floor of their family home contains the frantoio or stone mill where they press the olives. It is also there that the Armatos bottle the olive.


  • Light, smooth, slightly sweet and fruity: everything you want in an extra-virgin olive oil
  • Cute bottle, too
  • Cold-pressed and left unfiltered, which makes the oil hazy or even opaque
  • From the November 2021 harvest
  • One liter glass bottle
  • Use within 12 months of opening

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