A long black metal box with a lid, handle and closure

Stuff Box


Enough with the tote bags already! This box means business, even if it's hauling your sticker collection.



"Growing up during the Disney Princess heyday of the 1990s, a big part of back to school shopping was making the crucial decision of which princess would grace the year's lunch box.* I may have aged out of that aesthetic, but I still need a way to tote my lunch. This option from Toyo Steel is durable yet lightweight, with a utilitarian vibe that screams coolest kid in school." – Virginia *This decision could be circumvented by picking a lunchbox that displayed the full pantheon of princesses.


  • Japanese made steel box by Toyo Steel
  • Toyo Steel was established in Osaka in 1969
  • Dimensions: 14" x 6 x 4.5"

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