A glass jar with black lid and white, black and gold label that is filled with sesame paste

Organic Golden Sesame Paste


Open (this jar of golden) Sesame! Deliciousness will follow.



Etsuji Wada is the 4th generation owner of this centuries-old producer of sesame paste. Etsuji Wada himself has been standing over the kettles, roasting the seeds to golden perfection for over 40 years. Hot Tip: Don't put it in the fridge! We promise it won't spoil‚ just make sure you use it, and always use a clean, food-free spoon to scoop. Just give it a good stir before drizzling.


  • Use on toast with butter, mix with miso and soy to drizzle on salmon, or try over ice cream with a little caramel and sea salt
  • Produced by Wadaman Co, who has been making sesame products for over 130 years
  • A nutrition powerhouse! Sesame is rich in iron and protein and inflammation-reducing.
  • Ingredients: JAS certified organic roasted golden sesame seeds
  • 8.8 oz jar

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