Paella Pan


Paella, yes. But also - crepes, omelettes, curries, and stir frys - oh my!



A paella pan's unique shape is all about rice. Its wide surface allows the rice to cook at the thinnest layer as possible without leaving any water or steam. The broth seamlessly evaporates, flavoring the rice and cooking it through. While this pan is made specifically for paella, it's also the perfect vessel for making omeletes, crepes, or big ol' stir fries and curries.

Made by Sertodo Copper, a maker of high quality copper goods since 1997. Sertodo sources pure copper from Texas and the Americas to make durable goods that last more than a lifetime. The first pieces ever sold by founder Jonathan Beall out of the back of his truck are still proudly in use today.


  • 100% pure copper with stainless steel handles
  • 12" diamater
  • Yields 4 servings
  • Care: Hand wash and dry immediately after use to prevent spotting

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