From left to right: A cream-colored box of a za'atar, a hardcover book that reads "The Palestinian Table", a tall brown bottle with a cream-colored label that reads "Rumi Olive Oil", a medium clear bottle full of dark pomegranate molasses

Palestinian Cuisine Set

$86 $95

Expand your pantry and add some fresh new recipes to your rotation with these Palestinian staples.



Kofta kebabs, pomegranate molasses roasted veggies, or a simple chicken musakhan - the possibilities are endless with these three staples of Palestinian cuisine and Reem Kassis' definitive guide.


  • The Palestinian Table: 2.10lb. 1" x 8" x 10".
  • Pomegranate Molasses: 10 oz. Product of Lebanon.
  • Rumi Olive Oil: 500ml. Product of Palestine.
  • Palestinian Za'atar: Oregano, sesame seeds, salt, sumac. 65g. Product of Palestine.

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