A bottle of olive oil that has a green top and a label that reads "Azeite Do Alentejo Interior - D.O.P."

Portuguese Olive Oil

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You use olive oil every day. Let's reach for the nice stuff.



The pure PDO oil meets high standards of varietals, production method and overall quality and it comes from Portel in Portugal's Alentejo Interior, an area so acclaimed for its olive oil, its products are recognized by the European Union. A yellowish oil that can yield golden or greenish hues, this oil is made from Cordovil de Serpa, Cobranosa and Galega Vulgar olives.


  • Two new olive oils made by Jose Gourmet from Portugal
  • One is a pure olive oil grown, produced and bottled in Portugal’s Alentejo Interior. It’s a PDO, or Protected Designation of Origin, oil.
  • The other is a fruity, sweet oil made ever-so-slightly spicy by piri-piri peppers.
  • Beautifully packaged, high quality olive oils
  • 250 ml bottle or 8.4 oz.

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