Brown glass bottle with a cream-colored label that reads "Rumi Olive Oil" "Organic and Fair Trade"

Rumi Olive Oil


Olive oil with taste, history, and a mission



Canaan's Rumi Olive Oil is derived from the olives that grow on the native olive trees in Palestine, the fruit of which has been enjoyed since the Roman era. Most Rumi trees are 1000 - 2000 years old (!), a testament to their strength and nutrient-dense nature.

The palette of this olive oil is light and fresh at the start and tangy, peppery at the finish - super tasty for simple dipping but delicate enough for cooking.

This Olive Oil is made by Canaan USA in the traditional style using freshly harvested and dried oregano, roasted sesame seeds, Dead Sea salt, and sumac. Rooted in New Jersey and Palestine, Canaan USA works with over 2000 family farms to bring incredible spices and olive oils to global markets. Their work supports ecological sustainability in Palestine and empowers countless members of the country’s traditional agricultural communities.


  • 500ml
  • Product of Palestine

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