Signature Dishes That Matter

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From Katz’s Pastrami sandwich, first-served in 1888, to Dominique Ansel’s cronut, which set off 10,000 knockoffs, this is a stunning compilation of dishes that defined culinary history over the last 300 years.



Curated by Susan Jung, Howie Kahn, Christine Muhlke, Pat Nourse, Andrea Petrini, Diego Salazar, and Richard Vines, this book brings together truly iconic dishes from restaurants around the world and digs deep to figure out just what makes them so memorable. It covers dishes “high” and “low”—from Hawaiian Pizza and Momofuku pork buns to Baked Alaska and Escoffier’s Peach Melba.


  • Equal parts history lesson and home cookbook
  • With narrative by Christine Muhlke and illustrations by Adriano Rampazzo
  • Published by the book geniuses at Phaidon
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