Japanese Spice Set


All you need is noodles.



Steep a Dashi bag in hot water and there’s the broth. Season at the table with Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi held by this elegant-meets-functional dispenser. How it works: Fill via the square hole on the top, and dispense spices from the small hole near the bottom (which is ingeniously plugged by the round peg).


  • How thoughtful! Japanese spice dispenser made from bamboo is perfect for all varieties of loose spices, but we love it best for housing our Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi, which is also included here.
  • Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi - Ingredients: dried yuzu peel, red chili pepper, golden sesame seeds, seaweed, Japanese pepper (sansho), poppy seeds
  • 10 packets of Dashi seasoning - Ingredients: Salt, Bonito, Round Herring, Mackerel, Flying Fish, Shiitake Mushroom, Kelp (Kombu), Sugar, Yeast Extract, Starch Hydrolysate, Green Tea (yame gyokuro), Powdered Soy Sauce (soybeans, Wheat, Salt)
  • Japanese Bamboo Dispenser: 1.25 x 1.25 x 4.4" Care: Hand wash, pat dry

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