Tennessee Sorghum Molasses


Sweet sorghum, grown and processed on a Tennessee family farm.



The Appalachian tradition of making sorghum syrup goes back generations and still thrives on a few family farms near East Fork’s first home in Madison County, North Carolina.

Picture a draft horse powering a press that squeezes raw sorghum syrup from cane grown on a neighbor’s farm. Imagine everyone gathered ‘round a metal trough with a fire burning underneath. Stories are swapped and old songs are taught to new generations as the raw sorghum boils down to a sweet, thick syrup.

The Cantrell Family at Ross Farms in Bumpus Mills, Tennessee grow and process sorghum on their farm and made enough to share. Drizzle sorghum on biscuits, swap it out for molasses, or sweeten up coffee with its complex, caramelized flavor.


  • 16 oz.
  • Grown and processed in Tennessee

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