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This month, we're giving away a bundle chock-full of East Fork staff favorite teas and tools for steeping. The Tea Person Bundle comes with: Majorelle Mint Tea, Red Sour Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Brew-In-Mug Tea Strainer, NC Appalachian Honey, and The Big Mug in Panna Cotta. Total retail value: $142 Enter by September 30, 2022

September Free Pot Giveaway

East Fork staff favorite teas, Appalachian honey, the perfect tea infuser, and a Big Mug to enjoy it all in.

Tea Person Bundle
A mug, strainer and jar of honey photographed in a sea of loose leaf tea
The Big Mug in Panna Cotta
A jar of honey with a green label with a honeybee illustration
A stainless steel strainer that fits into the East Fork Big Mug
A tan bag of tea with delicate blue text and design
A tan bag of tea with a funky face drawn on it and the words "Red Sour" stamped on it
A tan bag of Earl Grey tea with blue writing and design

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