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East Fork aims to use our power, resources, and platform to build co-conspiratorial relationships with grassroots justice movements to help achieve a more equitable world.

Our Community Partners are grassroots organizations or individuals working toward racial equity, community reconciliation and supporting the liberation of folks who’ve been systematically oppressed by white supremacy, patriarchy, and heteronormativity.

In 2024, we used belonging as our guiding principle when choosing organizations to form relationships with because we know how vital it is for everyone to feel safe and rooted in their identities.

In July, August, September, we're asking you to give to…

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Equal Plates Project

We’re excited to partner with Equal Plates Project! By sourcing directly from local farmers, Equal Plates cooks and shares meals to grow community resilience. By purchasing at least 50% of their ingredients from small, local farms, Equal Plates is able to keep important resources within the community and offer high-quality, scratch-made meals with dignity to our neighbors and community organizations.

With food insecurity on the rise in our region, organizations like Equal Plates play a vital role in mitigating the harmful, long-lasting impacts of hunger and poverty.

Learn More about Equal Plates

We use selling Seconds as an opportunity to raise funds for our quarterly Community Partners. At checkout, you’ll be able to leave a voluntary donation that will go directly to Equal Plates.

This helps us habitualize wealth-spreading practices, and you can join us in creating healthier, equitable communities. We hope that by saving money through purchasing discounted Seconds, you’re inspired to spread some wealth to organizations with a good cause.

Seconds are pots with flaws that occur as an unavoidable part of ceramics manufacturing. We sell them at a discount because they're not a representation of our best work and quality, but they are still functional and food-safe. We’d rather see Seconds sprucing up your table than headed for the landfill.

Seconds are made available 3-4 times a year when we announce our Community Partners. We also host in-person Seconds Pop-ups across the country to raise awareness for our Community Partners.

We hope you choose to learn more about our Community Partners’ work, discover similar organizations where you live, and give or volunteer as you’re able. New partnerships are announced every season.

In a rehearsal space, there are young girls dancing with large colorful long skirts in red, purple, and orange colors.

2024: Raíces

We partnered with Raíces Emma-Erwin in April to June 2024 to support their vision of creating a united and integrated community where there is respect and security for children and their families.

Through summer camps, dance performances, and fun after school activities facilitated in Spanish, Raíces supports the process of inclusion and recognition of Latino families in the Emma community and the Erwin school district in Buncombe County, North Carolina.

Learn More About Raices

Colorful ceramic mugs are formed in a triangle to symbolize the Progress Pride flag.

2024: Youth OUTright

From January to March 2024, we partnered with Youth OUTright to support their advocacy work and the co-creation of safe, joyful, and empowering spaces for Queer and Trans youth between the ages of 11-24 who call western North Carolina home.

Youth OUTright’s mission is to create a world in which all Queer and Trans youth are supported to realize their power and autonomy through self-determination. They help youth resist oppression by building community, healing, and growing together.

Learn More about Youth OUTright

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