East Fork Pottery Size Chart

If you don't live near one of our stores or recently discovered us, you may not have had a chance to get up close and personal with our pottery. Seeing, touching, feeling, and comparing is a sensual joy of shopping. For some, it's a crucial step in the purchase process, and it's pretty hard to do online, so we made a chart to help all of you who are stationed far away decide what sizes work for you.

This chart provides comparative images of all of our bowls and plates, their exact measurements, and examples of what to use them for. We hope this helps.

We make our plate with a slight upward lip for spill-proof serving and easy stacking.
Cake Plate
perfect for: cherry pie, birthday cake, warm slice of buttered sourdough

6.5" x .75"

A morel-colored cake plate with a small baked pastry on top
Side Plate
perfect for: banh mi, reheated leftovers, or a quesadilla

8.5" x 1"

A side plate with a turkey, lettuce, tomato sandwich, cut diagonally, with a bite missing from one half.
Dinner Plate
perfect for: steak dinner, big slide of pizza, sushi to share, birthday cake

10.5" x 1.13"

A dinner plate with a heaping serving of spaghetti with parsley and breadcrumbs sprinkled on top
The Coupe
perfect for: foods with sloshy sauces, a pile of pasta, an entree salad


A burnt red (amaro) colored dish with a simple green salad on top. The dish is not quite a bowl, not quite a plate. It has rounded edges to keep dressing and sauce from dipping off the side.
The Serving Platter
perfect for: a pile of steaks, high to the sky pancakes, charcuterie, artful arrangement of fruit

14.5" x 1.5"

A large off-white plate with an artful display of smoked fish on a bed of lettuce, cilantro and lemon wedges
Shallow Bowls
The bowls in this series are wide slung, have a trimmed foot, and nestle nicely within each other.
Breakfast Bowl
perfect for: yogurt and granola with fresh fruit, hummus, sorbet

5.8" x 1.8"

Holds: 1.25 cups or 10 oz

An eggshell white colored bowl, filled with figs, yogurt and granola, soon-to-be eaten with a brass spoon.
Everyday Bowl
perfect for: leftover pad thai, pot roast, zoodles

8" x 2.25"

Holds: 3.5 cups or 28 oz.

A blueish-white bowl, comfortably holding four small oranges with their leaves and stems still attached.
Weeknight Serving Bowl
perfect for: party-sized chip bowl, a whole roast chicken & vegetables

10.3" x 2.5"

Holds: 9 cups or 72 oz.

An eggshell-white colored shallow, but large, bowl, filled with a heaping party-sized serving of black tortilla chips.
The Coupe
perfect for: foods with sloshy sauces, a pile of pasta, an entry salad
A burnt red (amaro) colored dish with a simple green salad on top. The dish is not quite a bowl, not quite a plate. It has rounded edges to keep dressing and sauce from dipping off the side.
Potter's Bowls
The bowls in this series have steeper sides, rounded bottoms, and flat feet.
Bitty Bowl
perfect for: votives, salt, soy sauce, bedside jewelry, easy-to-lose items

3" x 1.4"

Holds: .25 cups or 2 oz

A small serving of wasabi nuts in a mini bowl that coupe fit in the palm of your hand. It really is cute.
Ice Cream Bowl
perfect for: ice cream (duh), olives, dips, desk snacks, mixed nuts

5" x 2.13"

Holds: 1.25 cups or 10 oz.

Two perfect scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream with a brass spoon poking out the top. Yum.
Soup Bowl
perfect for: a big serving of butternut squash soup, Lucky Charms, bibimbap

7" x 3"

Holds: 3.25 cups or 28 oz.

An earthy brown colored bowl filled with an adult serving of Lucky Charms cereal. About to be eaten with a brass spoon.
Popcorn Bowl
perfect for: a ginormous salad for one, fully-loaded ramen, potato chips

9" x 4"

Holds: 8 cups or 64 oz.

A light earthy brown colored bowl with a full bag of microwave popcorn in it, ready for movie night.
Mixing Bowl
perfect for: use for two loaves' worth of bread dough, pancake batter

11.63" x 4.6"

Holds: 16 cups or 128 oz.

A dark charcoal bowl filled with root vegetables
Cups & Mugs
Tiny Cup
perfect for: water for your little one, sake, and espresso, of course

2.25 x 2.7

Holds: .5 cups or 3 oz.

A blueish white small cup, the size of an espresso cup or a shot glass (depending on who you ask). Here, a teabag sits besides it. The teabag is just a wee bit shorter than the juice cup.
The Kulhad
perfect for: anytime chai pick-me-up

3 ⅛” x 3 ½”

Holds: 7 ounces to the brim

Small Mug
*returning later this year* perfect for: afternoon tea, fireside hot chocolate, little latte

3.25” x 3.1”
Holds: 8 oz to the brim, 6 oz comfortably

The Small Mug in Black Mountain filled with a latte.
The Mug
perfect for: morning coffee, afternoon tea, a discreet cocktail, a breakfast table flower arrangement

4.25" x 3.1"

Holds: 1.5 cups or 12 oz.

Truly, a perfectly sized and shaped mug. With a stack of cookies next to it.
Big Mug
*returning later this year* perfect for: large iced coffee, morning yerba mate

4.5“ x 3.6”
Holds: 16 oz to the brim, 14 oz comfortably

The Big Mug in Blue Ridge filled with coffee

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