The East Fork Team
Alex Matisse
Alex Matisse (he/him), CEO & Co-Founder
Ahkeem H. (he/him), Production Generalist
Allison Shearouse
Allison S. (she/her), Asheville Store Manager
Andre W. (he/him), Production Generalist
Antonio P. (he/him), Production Generalist
Avery A. (he/him), Staff Accountant
Bill Campbell
Bill C. (he/him), Production Support
Bill Warner
Bill W. (he/him), Shift Supervisor
Brock Flamion
Brock F. (he/him), Technical Production Support Associate
Bryttani Smith
Bryttani S. (she/her), Jinri Mug Team Lead
Calla Coady
Calla C. (she/her), Forming Generalist
Charlie Davis
Charlie D. (he/him), Quality Control Team Lead
Chelsea MacLean
Chelsea M. (she/her), Glaze Generalist
Christina D. (she/her), Production Generalist
Coeta Hernandez
Coeta H. (she/her), Marketing Operations Manager
Dan Segal
Dan S. (he/him), Sr. Facilities Manager
Daniel Vuono
Daniel V. (he/him), Director of Production
Danika Hutchinson
Danika H. (she/her), Fulfillment Support Associate
Darrin Winston
Darrin W. (he/him), IT Specialist
Demonta' Blunt
Demonta' B. (he/him), Sales Associate, Asheville
Desiree Gamble
Desiree G. (she/her), Forming Generalist
Donna Casellas-Banks
Donna C. (she/her), Assistant Store Manager, ATL
Donnie Bishop
Donnie B. (he/him), Videographer
Drew Nguyen
Drew N. (he/him), Graphic Designer
Dustin A. (he/him), Production Generalist
Eli Nelms
Eli N. (he/they), Jr. Facilities Technician
Emma Whitney
Emma W. (she/her), Materials Technician Associate
Emilja Tokarski
Emilja T. (she/her), Production Scheduler
Emily Feldman
Emily F. (she/her), People Operations Manager
Eva Snyder
Eva S. (she/her), Director of Operations
Faye Wharton
Faye W. (she/her), Forming Generalist
Ha N. (she/her), VP of Sales and Marketing
Hank Gilliam
Hank G. (he/him), Facilities Technican
Heather Clark
Heather C. (she/her), Fulfillment Assistant
Iken W. (he/him), Production Generalist
James Snyder
James S. (he/him), Mechanical Engineer
Jasmin Morrell
Jasmin P. (she/her), Copywriter
Jeffery Ray
Jeffery R. (he/him), Customer Care Lead
Jenny Hassler
Jenny H. (she/her), Director of People and Finance
Jesse W. (he/him), Production Generalist
Jessica Teague
Jessica K. (she/her), Benefits and Payroll Specialist
Julie K. (she/her), Sr. Manager of New Customer Acquisition
Karl Knutson
Karl K. (he/him), Mold Shop Technician
Karla Valdez
Karla V. (she/her), RAM Team Lead
Kate J. (she/her), Mold Shop Generalist
Kelsey McGovern
Kelsey A. (she/her), Receiving Coordinator
Kevin J. (he/him), Production Generalist
Kirby Wolf
Kirby W. (she/her), Senior Sales Manager
Kyle Crowder
Kyle C. (they/them), Data Engineer
Kyle P. (he/him), Production Generalist
Laura Somervill
Laura S. (she/her), Kiln Specialist
Layson P. (she/her), Sales Events Manager
Lidia Quinones
Lidia Q. (she/they), Glaze Blending Generalist
Lisa F. (she/her), Warehouse Associate
Marcus England
Marcus E. (he/him), Pug Mill Team Lead
Matt Rudloff
Matt R. (he/him), Mold Shop Manager
Meagan Gillion
Meg G. (she/her), Warehouse Supervisor
Meghan Walsh
Meghan W. (she/her), Receiving Coordinator, Resale
Mike Ball
Mike B. (he/him), Potter
Mike Suber
Mike S. (he/him), Pug Mill Assistant
Nicole Lissenden
Nicole L. (she/her), Head of Design
Patrice Audette
Patrice A. (she/her), Sales Associate
Patty U. (she/her), Community Impact Coordinator
Randolph Dexter
Randolph D. (he/him), Freight Associate
Ruth H. (they/them), Production Generalist
Ryan B. (she/her), Customer Care Associate
Ryan Brady
Ryan B. (he/him), Glaze Generalist
Sam M. (she/her), Production Generalist
Sam Boissoneault
Sam V. (she/her), Product Manager
Sarah D. (she/her), Customer Care Associate
Sarah Walters
Sarah W. (she/her), Visual Merchandising Manager
Scott Haight
Scott H. (he/him), Purchasing and Vendor Manager
Sheila Higgins
Sheila H. (she/her), Sr. Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Stacy Johnson
Stacy D. (she/her), Email Marketing Manager
Talea Gormican
Talea G. (she/her), Quality Control Associate
Tara G. (she/her), Production Generalist
Portrait of Tiffany
Tiffany W. (she/her), Forming Generalist
TJ H. (he/him), SA290 and Roller Cast Team Lead
Tony Pearson
Tony P. (he/him), Model C Roller Tool Team Lead
Tyrelle J. (he/him), Production Generalist
William Ward
William W. (he/him), Warehouse Associate
Zach R. (he/him), Production Generalist
Zach T. (he/him), Facilities Specialist
Alex Matisse (he/him), CEO & Co-Founder
Connie Matisse (she/her), Co-Founder
John Vigeland (he/him), Co-Founder
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