Five light fixtures made from East Fork bowls hung in several manners

Schoolhouse x East Fork

Seeing our pots in a new light

We know a kindred spirit when we see one. In the relatively small world of American manufactured, direct-to-consumer home goods, we’ve made some very cool "brand friends" who are trying to do things the same way we are. Schoolhouse has long been one of those friends.

A eggshell light fixture made from East Fork bowls above a table with a tablecloths, espresso pot, and several bowls

If you’re unfamiliar with Schoolhouse, they’re a lighting and home goods brand based in the Pacific Northwest. Dedicated to the preservation of American manufacturing, thoughtful living, and purposeful design, Schoolhouse designs, makes, and sells timeless light fixtures and other cherishable home objects — from shower curtains to clocks — in their century-old factory in Portland, Oregon.

Two light fixtures made from amaro East Fork bowls surround a mirror in a black frame above a pedestal sink

Not too long ago, Schoolhouse called us up and asked for a few sample pots to test for a new lighting concept.

We’ve been chatting with Schoolhouse about ways to collaborate for years.

"Last summer, we visited the East Fork factory and were beyond inspired by the incredible library of glazes and the production of all the ceramic silhouettes,” says Melissa Miller, Schoolhouse’s Senior VP of Merchandising, Design, Product Development. “By the end of the visit, we had packed up a box of bowls and dishes of multiple sizes and colors, shipped them back to the Schoolhouse factory, and the Schoolhouse design team got started."

A person assembling a light fixture made from East Fork bowls in front of a wall of handtools

We spend a lot of time obsessing over how our pots look when placed on tables and flat surfaces. We were thrilled to think about our pottery in, dare we say, a new light.

After months of tinkering on their factory floor in Portland, Schoolhouse just launched an exciting new line of pendants, sconces, and flush mounts inspired by our pottery, made in Asheville with regional clay materials.

"Schoolhouse has been a company I have admired for a long time. It takes a certain tenacity and dedication to run a manufacturing operation and build a beloved brand at the same time," says East Fork’s CEO Alex Matisse. "We’re thrilled to partner with a company with lighting as core to their DNA, and I’m excited to see how this collaboration grows."

Just like your East Fork collection, the light fixtures come in a variety of monochromatic and mix-and-match options. Now’s your chance to eat both from and beneath East Fork pots! The ceiling is your only limit.

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A light fixture flush-mounted to a ceiling above white kitchen cabinets

PS — To celebrate the partnership, Schoolhouse is hosting a very exciting giveaway — where one lucky winner will receive $1000 to Schoolhouse, $1000 to East Fork, and $1000 Food52. Find more information on their website.

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