East Fork Bandana


Art that's a bandana that's art that's a bandana that's...



The third in our bandana series is sure to appeal to East Fork collectors and anyone who knows that a bandana will help you deal with sweat and dust and show that you're the kind of person who gravitates to good old black and white. On the other hand, we love it displayed on a kitchen wall or draped over a shelf, all nonchalant.


• Dyed and printed in North Carolina for East Fork by Jenni Earle
• Designed by our art director Nicole Lissenden in honor of shellfish and noodles of all sorts. Also: wine. Don't forget that!
• Limited batch
• In Black Mountain
• Made in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, from 100% Southern milled and grown cotton, pre-washed to uncommon softness
• Printed and dyed in partnership with TS Designs in Burlington, NC using their REHANCE™ technology
• Machine wash cold. Tumble or lay flat to dry.

We got to know the folks at Jenni Earle, a particularly lovely part of this bandana collaboration. This Journal post is about the women behind Jenni Earle and their gift for connecting people to their inner strength and to each other through symbolic objects built for daily use and then passed down to the next generation.

An animated image that says "East Fork is a vessel for" a rotating number of things

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