Cinchona, hard spices, scorched earth, red rock cooling in canyon shadow. A stately, burnt, terra cotta.

Hand holding The Mug in Amaro

"The Amaro glaze holds a special place in our family. Amaro is the glaze that father fell in love with. My mother commented on what a darker red would look like with the dishes we had and how it would make the table feel and my father just enjoyed the thought of a deep color in general. She unfortunately passed in January of 2020 so she never got to fully see the Amaro glaze but my Father truly enjoyed it. As such, I got both of us an Amaro Mug and Everyday Bowl that we use during family get-togethers so we can have it as a part of what Mom loved. Amaro sits as one of my favorite glazes because of the joy it brings our family and the warm and calming feeling that it brings to every meal or drink." –Jeffery Ray, Customer Care Lead

Amaro and Panna Cotta Pottery in grass with fruit

Amaro joined our collection of core glazes in September 2020, when our factory was still ramping up after being closed for nearly two months due to COVID-19. As a result, for those first few months, we were able to offer limited amounts of pottery glazed in this deep, dark red. Today, our customers don't have to wait long for Amaro, a vibrant neutral that harmonies with our other core glazes but also stands in its own dramatic beauty on a monochromatic table.

A frog peering out of an Amaro bowl with fruit

Great Pairings

Malt, Utah, Amaro plates
Amaro, Panna Cotta, Morel plates
Prune, Taro, Amaro plates

Amaro Pottery

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