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Clouds, chalk, pale hydrangeas on a rainy day. A cool, airy, grayish white.

Eggshell has long been part of the East Fork core glaze collection. It's also our all-time best-selling glaze and with little wonder: its beauty and versatility make it timeless. We know many people who keep it simple: all Eggshell dinnerware, perhaps finding places for color in larger serving bowls and drinking vessels. Others find that a set of Eggshell pots in a single, often-used form like the Dinner Plate, Coupe or Everyday Bowl serves as a base for building great color palettes.

Eggshell bowls with various eggs

Eggshell plates and bowls with cooked and broken eggs

8 Reasons to Love Eggshell

1. It's a blank canvas with a slight bluish undertone —anything you plate is beautifully featured. 2. The plated food becomes the star of the show : no angst or worries here! 3. It provides harmony when featured with every primary color you can think of. 4. A cool toned glaze, it mixes in with all your more moody but neutral tone glazes, 5. You'll find in it an easy and reliable backdrop for all courses of your perfectly crafted meal. 6. For all your seasonal events, Eggshell is ready. 7. It's a glaze that allows for a litany of quiet or outrageous colors in tabletop accessories. 8. From a lavish fleur de lis table top flourish to a minimum modern dining aesthetic. Eggshell is ready and able. She is a reliable tabletop ally! - Donna Casellas-Banks, Sales Associate, East Fork Atlanta

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Eggshell Pottery

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