Glazes / Neptune


Larimar, taking flight, tsunamis, experimentation. A liminal, glossy, cerulean blue.

A large fork and spoon with cream handles sit inside a ceramic bowl in a robin's egg blue color. Other bowls of various sizes surround.

A lustrous, cerulean blue, Neptune is inspired by modern art movements and innovative design and had a limited release in May 2024. This glossy, limited seasonal color creates a glow that brings new ideas into focus, invigorating the senses, and giving strong perspectives a place to shine. Neptune symbolizes reaching for new heights with a clean break from the status quo.

With Daylily & Lamb's Ear

“Once the team decided on Daylily and Lamb’s Ear, we knew we needed a third color that would pack a punch and coordinate with the spring/summer collection color story. It was a puzzle…we didn’t want another orange or green, or to duplicate something we did last year. I looked at a bunch of paintings, but ultimately, I found the right color in the tile on the floor of a museum’s portrait gallery. It was a blue that could complement orange, while also standing distinctly apart from green. The three play nicely together.” – Nicole Lissenden, Head of Design

An artful arrangement of ceramic dinnerware in bold orange, calming sage, and robin's egg blue colors, arranged at various heights and positions on wooden risers.
An animated image that says "East Fork is a vessel for" a rotating number of things