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Panna Cotta

Toasted oat milk, buttered biscuits, slow dough-rising. A warm, tan-toned, off-white.

"Of our core glazes, my favorite is easily Panna Cotta. I was surprised by how much this creamy, warm white won me over: maybe it’s because I keep describing the color as “a very lightly toasted marshmallow,” and I love dessert! It really does look good with everything." - Virginia Knight, Customer Care Associate

Panna Cotta joined our core glaze collection in September 2020, meeting a need for a neutral in a warm, light glaze that would complement the other core glazes but be different enough from them at the same time. Initially offered for pre-order with a lead time of roughly two months due to our factory's gradual return to full strength after a long COVID-19-related closure, Panna Cotta, along with Amaro, which launched at the same time, have proven themselves as new classics.

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