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Peachy Keen

Double yolks, No. 2 pencils, high noon. An incandescent, buoyant peach.

"Peachy Keen and Orchard are like eating the first ripe peach of summer under a canopy of trees, sunlight streaming." – Connie Matisse, Co-Founder

Stack of peachy keen bowls nested
Overhead of fruit on peachy keen and orchard pots

Peachy Keen, like Orchard was a limited glaze released in collaboration with Momofuku, the revered restaurant group that’s been setting new standards and making headlines since 2004. Not the peach of bath towels or 80s prom dresses, which are also great, Peachy Keen recalls the incandescent flesh of a ripe peach. Why a peach? Momofuku can translate to “lucky peach” and a peach is part of the company's logo.

Peachy Keen pots with fruit and floral fabric
An animated image that says "East Fork is a vessel for" a rotating number of things