Glazes / Soapstone


Lake pebbles, wet concrete, slate. A medium, clean, classic blue-gray.

Soapstone had long been part of the East Fork core glaze collection before retiring and then returning as a seasonal glaze in late 2021. Its formula is based on a glaze called Foundry Hill Creme, which was used on the inside of wood-fired pots made by East Fork Founder Alex Matisse, John Vigeland, Co-Founder and CFO, and the potters who joined them when the pottery was located on an old farm in Marshall, North Carolina.

hand holding Soapstone Popcorn Bowl
Overhead of soapstone pots with rocks

"So not to get all cheesy but Soapstone holds a special place in my heart. Soapstone and Eggshell were the first two glazes that we formulated for gas-fired kilns. I remember Kyle and I (but moreso Kyle) doing the first line blends of Soapstone and our first streaky mess of glaze attempts. So it holds a sense of nostalgia for me, I guess. It felt like such a success when we got the first iteration looking good and at least close to how Alex, Connie and John envisioned it. Beyond all that, I just think it’s a lovely glaze. The contrast of the iron spots, the slight translucency of grey, how the iron can at times have the slightest downward pull. It’s lush." - Cade Hollomon-Cook, Small Batch Potter

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