Desert rocks, glowing bonfire, dusty sunsets. A soft, rusty, lambent orange.

Utah debuted in Spring 2018 but left our glaze lineup over a year later, when the finicky materials in its glaze suspension yielded more and more inconsistency when kiln-fired. Our glaze engineers worked on a formulation that solved the issues, and in February 2022, a true Utah, one that perfectly matches our original iteration, returned for a few months as a seasonal glaze. Utah is a warm glow, something sunbaked that casts our other glazes in a new and unexpected light.

Overhead of Utah pots

"I love Utah! Utah is soft, warm and somehow modern. Not quite neutral but goes well with so many colors. The name conjures the American Southwest for me, a place I haven't been but would love to visit. I think of Georgia O'Keefe out there, finding her peace, painting and living a simple life. Sunrises and sunsets. Clay. Old and new. I started collecting Utah to complement my Soapstone when Thistle had been discontinued. I wasn't expecting to, but I liked Utah better. Neither masculine nor feminine, it adds a certain brightness. I love it with Panna Cotta, Morel, and of course, Soapstone." – Sarah Walters, Lead Sales Associate, Asheville

Great Pairings

Utah Pottery

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