A table setting featuring open books of Henri's Matisse's work, ceramic mug, bowls, and plates in a bold red color. Shadows are cast from a nearby window and lemons are inside the bowl on the left.

A robust cardinal red, Henri’s Red is inspired by our co-founder Alex’s great-grandfather, the artist Henri Matisse. This vibrant, limited seasonal color beckons us to look a bit deeper at our everyday objects, juxtapose wild ideas, and delve into our surroundings with new vigor. Henri’s Red symbolizes thoughtfulness at play.

Meet Henri's Red

Poppies in bloom, overripe red Anjou pear, a lost ruby earring, the glow of inspiration. A bold, saturated red.

Meet Henri's Red

A large ceramic mixing bowl in a graphite black color featuring iron speckles and an unglazed rim
A large ceramic mixing bowl in a graphite black color featuring iron speckles and an unglazed rim, filled with vegetables

Black Mountain

Everyday Objects

Henri Matisse had a deep and pure love for everyday objects. A glass vase or pewter jug became a muse when the light hit it just right, sending a cascade of inspiration through Matisse’s mind and into his paintbrush. Imbuing inanimate objects with meaning was one of his many passions, a lens for seeing the world in unexpected ways.

“I do not paint that table,
but the emotion it produces upon me.”

- Henri Matisse

From East Fork Founder, Alex Matisse

Behind this warm and invigorating red lies the story of my youth and the legacy of my great-grandfather, Henri Matisse.

Today East Fork is known far and wide—but not for my famous last name, which I was taught as a child was not to be traded on. Many people’s stories are now twined together to form East Fork’s; this one helps me feel both rooted and free. Henri’s Red is a celebration of our story, and a sign of how far we’ve come.

- Alex Matisse, East Fork Founder

“If you’re going to be an artist, if you’re going to create, do that, but you just have to do with the fullness of yourself. For him, his art was his way of being the best person he could be"

- Sophie Matisse, great-granddaughter of Henri Matisse

East Fork Founder Alex Matisse sat down with his sister, Sophie Matisse to discuss different facets of growing up with the Matisse name, their family history in creating art, and how they have moved out of that shadow to build their own legacy while continuing to honor their Great-Grandfather, Henri Matisse. Watch the full video below.

Transform everyday life into artistic expression.

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