East Fork Pottery covered in pizza, burgers, lobster, and potato chips

East Fork Hospitality

East Fork makes a full range of ceramic dinnerware that stands up to all-night trips to the dish bin and the chaos of commercial dishwashers. We’re thrilled to finally offer our durable, functional, and beautiful pottery to select hospitality partners at a discount. For any questions, get in touch at [email protected].

Matching Form to Function

From tsukemen to pasta all’amatriciana, tartare to a perfect wedge salad, the daintiest amuse-bouche to a family-style cowboy ribeye, we have 13 bowl and plate forms in a broad range of sizes and shapes—something just right for every dish on your menu.

We’ve considered functionality of our work from every angle—from how well they hold up in commercial dishwashers, how they look stacked up tall in the pass, how easy they are to pick up from the table, and how light reflects off the semi-matte surface.

We say in the business, "If you can tell the difference between a cost and an investment, then you have the opportunity to be successful." When the guest has the opportunity or a probability of touching something, of being so close to something, then it has to be an investment. The glassware, the tabletops, the pottery–it makes a difference.

-Cindy and Alan LeBlanc, Bold Monk Brewing

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