A moving image of two hands holding and spinning a breakfast bowl and ice cream bowl to compare.

Between Two Bowls

Wild news, y’all. You can eat breakfast in the Ice Cream Bowl and ice cream in the Breakfast Bowl. Our handcrafted bowls can be used in so many different exciting ways.

Still, while both of these small bowls serve the functions of bowl, they’re different at every angle and I tend to grab them for slightly different purposes. The Breakfast Bowl is my go-to for little kids and pets when they’re eating at the table (or on the floor). Its wide base makes it hard to knock over. But when they’re cruising around the house eating snacks, or (don't @ me) snacking on the couch with their eyes glued to a screen, the Ice Cream bowl is easier to hold and is less slosh-prone.
I’m using kids to paint a picture here, but you can apply the same highly-advanced spatial logic to adult bowl use, too.

The breakfast bowl and ice cream bowl side by side. The breakfast bowl is shallower and shorter. The ice cream bowl has higher sides. We've added a cute moving illustration of a duck swimming through the breakfast bowl and a cat peeping out of the ice cream bowl.

Breakfast Bowl

  • 1.25 cups
  • 5.5" x 1.75"
  • A wide, low-slung profile
  • A trimmed, ringed foot

Ice Cream Bowl

  • 1.5 cups
  • 5" x 2"
  • A rounded shape with higher walls
  • A more tucked-under, flat bottom

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