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Share a Meal with Equal Plates

Introducing our 3rd Community Partner of 2024

This quarter, we’re excited to partner with Equal Plates Project! By sourcing directly from local farmers, Equal Plates cooks and shares meals to grow community resilience. By purchasing at least 50% of their ingredients from small, local farms, Equal Plates is able to keep important resources within the community and offer high-quality, scratch-made meals with dignity to our neighbors and community organizations.

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“We know that quality, local food alone is not a solution to hunger, health disparities, poverty and isolation…” Equal Plates asserts. “That’s why we make sure our nutritious meals are supporting the vibrant, creative work of anti-poverty and community-building organizations in our community!”

In a kitchen, a person hands a box of eggs to another person and is smiling.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food insecurity is defined as the lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life. With food insecurity on the rise in our region, organizations like Equal Plates play a vital role in mitigating the harmful, long-lasting impacts of hunger and poverty.

Thank you for joining us and contributing generously to Equal Plates…and there’s more to the story. Stay tuned for more on our partnership, coming soon.

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