Every Shelf Tells a Story

Don’t you love looking in strangers’ dinnerware cabinets? We sure do. We asked East Fork fans to tell us about their favorite pots.

First piece I ever purchased... Eggshell Everyday Bowl

The EF piece I use most often is... a toss-up between the Coupe and the Breakfast Bowl. The Coupe when I am eating alone: a catch-all vessel for rice, braised chicken, six different hot sauces in one corner, another six different kinds of pickles in the other. The slight lip prevents spilled braising liquid on my sofa, but just the right angle to slurp everything into my mouth. The Breakfast Bowl should be called Munchies Bowl! It's a perfect size for portion-controlled snacking—nuts, chips, fruit! I guess if you keep refilling the bowl three, four times, that defeats the purpose of portion-controlled snacking but hey, who's counting.

The EF pot or glaze I want to add next... I am obsessed with Utah right now. Definitely need to add Side Plates, Breakfast Bowls, and the Coupes!

First piece I ever purchased… The first piece I ever bought is my most special - a large slope vase in Ember! It was a big splurge at the time even though I got it at a Seconds sale. John was there and said it was one he’d thrown and it actually looked to him to be a first but was there because the color had been discontinued. It’s the first thing I see when I round the corner in my kitchen each morning to make coffee and it makes me happy.

First piece I ever purchased… 3 pieces stand out. In 2020 I received a mystery Prune Mug around Mother’s Day. No one has claimed it as a present to me, so I can only assume in the midst of the pandemic the EF elves remembered this bedside nurse mama. I cried ugly tears when I received it. The second piece was the Tequila Sunrise Mug that was past the ordering for it and I had requested to see if there were any extras to gift to my husband for Father’s Day…the third is the Pollen Toddler Cup my first son learned to drink out of.

The EF piece I used most often is… Hands down our Everyday Bowls. They look beautiful stacked on our open shelves and they are our go-to dinner plates for beans, stews and pasta.

The EF post or glaze I want to add next… Would like to try for the Side Plates.

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