We made some playlists for you.
Few things land the immediate emotional impact the way that music does. Our team of 80+ smart, spunky, creative humans have put together the perfect playlists for just about everything our lives consist of: cooking, sipping wine, working from home, having a little too much coffee, and dreaming of getting back to pottery making. We hope this helps set the mood for whatever you’re up to today and the rest of your days to come.

In the kitchen wine in hand:

Jazzy soul to keep you swaying, and funky dance grooves to lure your friends into a kitchen dance party.

The Mug playlist:

A mellow soundtrack for reflection and meditation, a lullaby softly slicing into the intimate silence of morning and night time.

Sit Down to Dinner:

An eclectic blend of silky gems, perfectly complemented by heady tête-à-têtes.

WFH Playlist:

Upbeat pop, for all of us dancing on our own.

Making Pots:

High energy bops to lock into any activity that needs extra intensity.

Have a must-have addition to one of these playlists? Comment below! We'll add it.

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