A lineup of various goods all together including ceramic mugs, a clear bulb vase, a stack of books, some coffee accessories like a french press, and a box of coffee.
A lineup of various goods all together including ceramic mugs, a clear bulb vase, a stack of books, some coffee accessories like a french press, and a box of coffee.

Mind Bloom Giveaway

Tend to your mind's garden.

Blooming is in our nature. From the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, to the spark of new ideas, we’re celebrating the ritual of renewal with a giveaway to ignite the senses. Just like flowers sometimes need a boost of nutrients to thrive, our daily routines deserve to be infused with nourishment. Let’s get you everything you need to bloom!

One lucky winner will win a prize package filled with items to fuel your mind and creative energy. Brand friends Counter Culture, Simon & Schuster and Hario are teaming up with us to offer coffee supplies, new reads, and the pots to hold whatever you decide to brew up next.

Giveaway is open June 3-17, 2024. Must be a US resident aged 21+ to enter. No purchase necessary. All details, terms and conditions can be found below. By entering the giveaway, you agree to receive communications from East Fork, Counter Culture, Simon & Schuster, and Hario.

Giveaway Prize Includes:

  • East Fork - The Mug in Lamb's Ear, The Candle in Open Studio, Bitty Bowls in Daylily & Lamb’s Ear, & a Bloom Vase
  • Simon & Schuster - Collection of books including Hang The Moon by Jeannette Walls, Big Swiss by Jen Beagin, On Writing by Stephen King, Worry by Alexandra Taylor, The Ritual Effect by Michael Norton, and The Everlasting Meal Cookbook by Tamar Adler
  • Counter Culture Coffee - A 3-month coffee subscription and a bag of their newest seasonal coffee, Perennial
  • Hario - An assortment of coffee accessories, including "Bona" Enamel Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 40g Coffee Grinder, and stainless steel "Harior 7" Coffee and Tea Press
A hand lights a candle in a ceramic orange vessel. Nearby is a glass bulb vase, a sage green ceramic mug, and 2 tiny bowls in bold orange and sage green colors.

Enjoy Vessels by East Fork

The winner will receive The Candle in Open Studio, an energizing blend of bergamot, grapefruit, black pepper, jasmine, and neroli. A new set of Bitty Bowls, The Mug in Lamb's Ear, and a bud vase to bring your blooms to life.

A stack of six books standing upright bookended by two brick blocks

Pour Over New Stories with Simon & Schuster

Sink into a book bundle from Simon & Schuster, featuring bestselling authors and fresh ideas to cultivate the garden of your mind. Toss a book in your tote bag or leave a stack bedside, so you can indulge whenever it’s time to unwind.

A colorful box of coffee called 'Perennial' with a little window cutout to see the coffee beans.

Stock Up with Counter Culture Coffee

Win a three-month coffee subscription from Counter Culture, plus a bag of their new seasonal offering, Perennial. You can take “buy coffee” off your list (for a few months, anyway).

3 coffee accessories including a coffee grinder, a french press, and a white tea kettle.

Get the Gear with Hario

Win everything you need to be on your way to coffee bliss with a new kettle, French Press, and grinder by Hario. Coffee prep never looked so good!

An animated image that says "East Fork is a vessel for" a rotating number of things

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