A Family Meal

On a warm afternoon this August, we spent the afternoon with Miguel Troyano, East Fork Mug Forming Generalist, and his family, learning the secrets of paella. Continue reading for the recipe as well as a menu and shopping list for your own paella feast.


This Paella method comes to us by way of Miguel Troyano’s grandmother, his mother, and his niece. The recipe is flexible but we've written out the process that Miguel and his family follow. We've included a grocery list below as well. To make: They start with vegetables, chopping white onion, green and red bell pepper, garlic, mushrooms and tomatoes. The vegetables are sauteed and sweat down in the paella pan, lemon is squeezed, and placed in respective bowls one by one. Calasparra Rice enters the pan, along with the vegetables, and some olive oil to lubricate the process - a few liberal drizzles. Slowly broth is added to the pan to free up the delicious fond, the ephemera of cooked vegetables. Saffron is minced, bloomed in water and added to the broth. The rice simmers for some time, Miguel says this is the time you spend talking, partying, drinking kalimoxto or tinto de verano, catching up, shooting the shit. When the rice is the right texture, Miguel describes it as spongy, we add the seafood, clams first, then squid a few minutes later, then shrimp. The seafood cooks until perfect, the flame gets turned off and the paella rests. The table is set, there is a simple salad of tomato, cucumber, white onion, and arbequina olive, lemon, and olive oil, alongside Gilda - a toothpicks bite of olives, anchovies, and piparra peppers. The chef brings the masterpiece to the table, oos and aahhs ensue, and we declare ”Vamos a comer!” and dig right in.

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