Bread Lamp


This is a light, not a snack! Please do not eat it! Dimensions: True to size, with some variations due to the nature of the product



Yukiko Morita loves bread. When she was working at a bakery she was so sad at the end of her shift, when she had to throw away what didn't get sold. She thought the loaves were just so beautiful‚ such a shame to waste! And so, Pampshade was born. Yukiko bakes real bread, then hollows it out, fills it with LED lights, and coats it in a thick resin that keeps it fresh looking forever. I got one for my kitchen, but these would also be so sweet in a kid's room or office.


  • These are actual lights made of actual, real, honest-to-goodness bread, coated in resin—the world’s a weird and scary place, but this? This is good.
  • Handmade by Yukiko Morita in Kobe, Japan
  • The Croissant requires one AA Battery, not included

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