Bread Bow + Bread Board


Preserve the fluff of homemade bread and cut even slices every time.



You worked hard for that light, airy texture, don't crush homemade bread by using the wrong knife. The bowed handle features a stainless steel blade with wide serrated edges that won’t undo your hard work and stays sharp for uniform slices. This knife and board combo is the perfect kitchen set for bread makers and looks beautiful displayed on a kitchen counter. Personalized just for East Fork with walnut wood and EF's logo.


  • Finished with Bee’s Oil
  • Board Length 20″ / Width 6″ / Thickness ¾”
  • Knife Length 17″
  • Care: Wash with soap and warm water, rinse and dry immediately. Do not allow your wooden bowl to soak in water. Never put wooden bowls in the dishwasher. Condition with Bee’s Oil or food-safe mineral oil only.
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