East Fork Baseball Hat


An all-American classic, the hat that suits everyone.



A one-size suits-all, sustainably made baseball cap designed for the East Fork fan and constructed from Bull Denim from Medellín, Colombia. Bull Denim is a special type of fabric that's tougher and sturdier than other denim fabrics--it's super durable, incredibly smooth, and easily supports our on-the-go lifestyles. Made in California, finished in Georgia, all the cutting waste for this closed-loop, six panel cap was recycled. Features an adjustable strap with a metal fastener.


  • Made exclusively for East Fork
  • 9.5 oz woven Bull Denim
  • 50% recycled cotton, 42% sustainably-sourced virgin cotton, 8% mixed recycled fibers
  • Biodegradable (except inner brim)
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