The Mug


The only mug you'll want to use every single day.

Dimensions: 4.25" x 3.1"
Weight: 16 oz
Holds: 12 oz to the brim, 10 oz comfortably



Mugs tend to pile up in your cupboard. You get one from a gift shop at a National Park, another at a holiday gift exchange, another at a craft fair. Like your stuffed animals when you were a kid, you try to give each one some attention because you feel bad. Until this one came along. This is the coffee mug that you'll want to use every single day. Trust us. Live with others? Get a few. They'll want to use it, too.


  • The Mug is the gift you give yourself. And others! It really does make an excellent present.
  • Fits an Aeropress
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • 100% lead free and made from regional materials
  • Our pottery is made by humans in Asheville, North Carolina. Any differences in glaze applications and surfaces are there to embrace.

From sips to gulps, we've got the cup.

#TheMug In The Wild

One day, you’re a person who grabs the first coffee mug in the cabinet and the next, you’ve got an East Fork Mug now you’re forever fishing it out of the dishwasher. It’s simple, beautiful and then there’s how it feels in your hand, that little bit of heft.

Two East Fork Mugs, with the top of the foamy latte peaking over their brims.
Two East Fork Mugs photographed from overhead to reveal a mug full of hot chocolate and many, many marshmallows.
Two East Fork Mugs truly in the wild – sitting on a rock next to a JetBoil camping stove. In the background, the Utah desert.
A collection of of East Fork Mugs in a dishwasher.
A woman in a chunky purple sweater holds a hot pink East Fork Mug in Rococo. A very cozy vibe.
Get an East Fork Mug to match your dog! A hand holds an East Fork Mug in Panna Cotta up to their golden doodles snout.
An East Fork Mug in Orchard photographed by a kitchen window and full of hot chocolate and pink marshmallows. How fun?!
Where WON'T you take your Mug? A gloved hand holds up an East Fork Mug against a backdrop of snow covered evergreen trees.

How The Mug Gets Made

We love a good story and here's the tale of The Mug in the form of a video created by our own Donnie Rex, a videographer, photographer and member of the Mug team. The video shows a step-by-step of how our Mug goes from a chunk of raw clay to a vessel we hope you’ll use and love for decades. The process itself is mesmerizing, but our hands-down favorite part is seeing the dozen or so people who have a hand (literally) in making these Mugs.

hand dipping the mug in glaze

Emilja Says...

"Making mugs is so fulfilling because they're such special objects to people. Whether part of a beloved morning routine or quiet nighttime ritual, everyone has a favorite mug, and getting to be a part of creating those—knowing they're going into the hands of people who will adore them—gives my daily work meaning." – Emilja Tokarski, Mug Operations Lead

Your Mug Wants Friends

And your friends want Mugs! And if your Mugs are your friends, we've got just your merch!

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