Incense Holder Bundle


Think: the fragrance of wild herbs and freshly-poured ale (also, this kit makes a thoughtful gift!)



Consider this a little bundle of bliss. A limited edition incense holder, wheel-thrown by potter Mike Ball in the East Fork Workshop. Available exclusively in Daylily, a bright, vibrant orange glaze from our spring/summer seasonal collection. Paired with incense sticks from Misc. Goods, enjoy scents inspired by the smells of traveling in nature.


  • Wheel-thrown, EFW Incense holder in Daylily
  • Incense Sticks: wild herbs, leather, pipe tobacco
    • All-natural ingredients
    • 30-minute burn time
    • Scent lasts about 1-2 hours after burning
    • Contains 10 sticks
  • Made in USA
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