Kamado-san Donabe


The true workhorse of Japanese clay pot cookware.



A versatile Japanese claypot, perfect for cooking anything from rice to shabu-shabu. The kamado-san’s versatility may account for its ubiquity in both home kitchens and restaurants in Japan, where you might see these donabe used for rice service at each table. No matter what you cook in your kamado-san, the vessel is a beautiful addition to the table, and like the other donabe styles, keeps food hot for a long time.


  • A clay pot made by Nagatani-en Iga-ware Pottery in Mie, Japan, since 1893
  • Hand-wash only
  • Designed to be used over a gas or open flame.
  • Can be used in any oven (gas or electric) up to 500 degrees F.
  • Not microwave or electric and induction cooktop safe
  • Dimensions: 7.1” x 9.4”; holds 51 fl oz.
Two hands holding a donabe filled with rice

Kamado-sans will make the most perfect rice: toothsome, sticky, fluffy, shiny, bursting with natural sweetness, the best. Thank the double-thick clay walls that cook the grains evenly and the double-lid that works like a pressure cooker and keeps the contents from boiling over.  Don’t stop at rice. Farro, quinoa, wheat berries and many other grains cook great in a kamado-san.

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