Front of the box that contains a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle showing pottery glazed in Pinto, pinto beans, square tiles and a brown sugar cone

East Fork Puzzle

$29 $36

Take that, bridges and windmills! Pottery makes a great puzzle, too. Dimensions: 18" x 24"



If you love East Fork and love puzzles, you're in the right place (it's an East Fork puzzle). If you love East Fork but don't love puzzles, you could gift this to someone who does love puzzles (bonus points if they love East Fork). If you don't love East Fork but love puzzles, why not give one of these a try!? If you don't love East Fork and don't love puzzles, well‚ how did you end up on this page?


  • Limited Edition East Fork puzzles!
  • 500 pieces

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