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Black Mountain

Pencil point, hematite ring, raven in moonlight. A lustrous graphite black. The preorder window for Black Mountain ended last month. Shop the remainder of our inventory below.

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"It's a soft and stately black, and its presence both grounds and elevates the current palette, making everything it's paired with feel suddenly more sophisticated, more nuanced. I’m looking forward to seeing the breadth of directions it can be styled—mixed it with jewel tones or pastels to add edge and contrast, pared with industrial or hyper modern elements for something severe, or gothed to the nines, with drooping pheasants, cracked pomegranates, dead roses, red wine stains, and all the exquisite, morose details of 17th century Vanitas. I love it so much and I hope you do, too!" - Connie Matisse, CEO & Co-Founder

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