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Black Mountain

Pencil point, hematite ring, raven in moonlight. A lustrous, graphite black.

The Mug in Black Mountain

East Fork had long dreamed of offering a black glaze but earlier attempts had the vexing problem of the dark color showing the silvery marks from knives and forks. Issue resolved, Black Mountain made its debut as a seasonal glaze on Black Friday, 2021. You already know that black goes with everything, and Black Mountain is no different, finding a natural home among so many East Fork glazes, brights and neutrals alike. In fact, presenting it alongside the rosy Rococo showed its versatility.

"East Fork takes hiring seriously. In my case, when I applied for the Director of Marketing position, I was asked to select a new glaze color, name it and propose a marketing plan. My choice: Black Mountain, a black with a hint of umber: a warm natural at the dark end of the spectrum, completing our core line up of Eggshell, Panna Cotta, Morel and Amaro. A color equally at home in Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters or on the fanciest banquet table, you’ll find it in the early paintings of the Flemish expressionists and the late work of Rothko. I remember it as the earth near the river where I grew up and the wide-wale corduroy jackets of the men who toiled there in the morning fog. I see it as I look out the window at the Appalachian mountains, right after sunset on a stormy day, when orange and gray turn into black." – Frank Quadflieg, Director of Marketing

Black Mountain Pottery

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